Making sense of the new Facebook promotion changes

Making sense of the new Facebook promotion changes On Wednesday 28th August Facebook announced some changes that had fan page owners and managers in a tail spin. Until now a fan page has required a 3rd party app  in order to run a promotion within the Facebook guidelines. There were still so many people who ran like and share giveaways from their page and ignored the 3rd party requirement but for those of us who did use one this is [...]

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Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook Privacy Settings I am quite concerned with the amount of people especially teenagers and young adults who have their Facebook privacy settings wide open. If this is you, it means that anyone and everyone can look you up and see your photos, your thoughts, when you are away on holiday and exactly where you can be found on a Saturday night. In this day and age I really don’t think it is a great idea so I [...]

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Why I LOVE Facebook?

Why I LOVE Facebook? My name is Janina Lear, I have been a social media consultant specialising in Facebook in Business for 2.5 years. I welcome you to my new website and hope to share tips, updates and general small business advice. I remember when Facebook first launched and hearing people talk about it and thinking there is no way I am getting pulled into this new fad. Boy was I wrong!!!  I heard about it one too [...]

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