My passion lies in teaching people how to leverage Facebook in business to work for them.

Business Background

My business background is very varied, including 12 years working in the travel industry holding a range of roles in Australia and three years in the United States. After having my children, I changed direction and used my great organisational skills to start the Geelong Baby and Children’s Market in 2006 and then Piccadilly Market at Deakin University in 2010, followed by Three Little Birds in 2012. They have all gone from strength to strength and are highly anticipated events on the Geelong calendar, with Piccadilly and Three Little Birds showcasing more than 80 of Victoria’s most unique and upcoming designers on each occasion.

I pride myself on my relationship marketing and am constantly approached for business advice, especially by people starting out. To me it is not work, it is what I love to do.

Running my markets exposed me to the wonderful world of Social Media and how to build a brand and a strong following online. I love Facebook: I eat, drink, live and breathe it. I help my clients to understand Facebook’s inner workings, how to connect with others and build communities online. Facebook makes business marketing fun!

I also have a love for Pinterest as a great visual marketing tool and am a keen blogger. I would really like to see businesses making more use of this amazing medium to market themselves and/or their product.

My Purpose

I particularly like to help women (without the exclusion of Men of course) who have a burning desire to start a home-based creative business to take the leap of faith and just do it. I love to work with extremely creative women who have been out of the work industry raising families or are just simply fed up with the nine to five grind. I think all women should hold the belief they can do anything they want to do and never has there been a better time to start achieving their goals! I am living proof that anything is possible, and I love and embrace the “Just Do It” attitude.

From my experience I see that women struggle with four main frustrations when bringing their business ideas to life:

  • Fear and low self-esteem

  • No idea where and how to begin

  • Don’t know if their idea or product has a place in the market

  • Lack expertise and knowledge in the modern business word, particularly Social Media

When I meet with my clients I alleviate the fear associated with starting a small business by providing advice as required and helping them navigate the ins and outs of where to begin and how to implement their ideas, including developing a marketing strategy with a large focus on Social Media. This process gives them the confidence to get out there without delay, feeling excited and ready rather than scared and looking for a way to delay their goals.

My purpose is to help women find THEIR life purpose.

Janina Lear
Janina Lear
I am and have always been a people person so social media and I have a great relationship together. My three beautiful children and I (I’m a single mum) love to go on adventures and exciting holidays are high on our list. I’m an avid reader, a passionate cook and keen crafter when time permits. I live for long, lazy summer days at the beach, or adrenalin pumping days on the snow followed by schnapps at the lodge.