My Problogger Event 2013 Experience

I have been very good at choosing the industries I have worked in. I spent 15 years in the travel industry and you can imagine how fun that could be at times. The second and most current is Social Media and I LOVE it every single day and our conferences are the bomb.

I have just returned from Problogger Event 2013 in the Gold Coast. 400 bloggers from Australia and even some internationals all made their way to Surfers Paradise for an awesome  2 days of content, networking and of course the all important FUN.

The event was held at QT Gold Coast which is crazy amazing and I totally recommend it to anyone as a place to stay. The moment you step through the door your senses will be delighted.

We were greeted by this cute combi van and I knew from that moment I was in the right place.

Pro Blogger Event 2013

The event ran over 2 days, you could select 5 sessions from a possible 15 to attend each day. I started by seeing the lovely Amy Porterfield who I have followed for a while and was lucky enough to see in San Diego earlier this year. We both share a love for Facebook. I was glad to see that I am totally on track with my own Facebook training I provide to my clients.

Amy Porterfield

As I have been blogging for around 5 years now I found that I know more than I gave myself credit for so rather than learning much new I came away feeling inspired to do more and to keep being authentic. I think so many people can get stuck in the trap of trying to be someone they are not which never seems to work. Be yourself at all times and you can’t go wrong.

When I started blogging there were very few people able to earn a living from what they did but times have changed. if we know what we are doing and stay true many of us have so much to share and there are ways to monetize through e books, books, courses and other products. It was great to see so many amazing people able to make a living out of their passions. The biggest thing on my to crazy TO DO LIST is to come up with a product.

I really enjoyed my session with Hailey Bartholomew from You Cant Be Serious. Check out her website and her mini films, I totally dig her style and am motivated to make more and better mini films to share my message.

One of the key note speakers was Clare Bowditch who led us through a moment of silence for Patrick before beginning. Very funny!!!!  I am sure the non Offspring fans were scratching their heads a little. Clare led us through some crazy exercises and even got us all singing. Lots of fun. I enjoyed knowing that so many people don’t always follow their dreams from the get go. That most people feel fear at putting themselves out there. I am so glad Clare was told she was not suited to her call centre job and went on to chase her dreams and do what she loves.

We had a visit from Samuel Johnson who rode in on his unicycle. What an amazing man he is doing what he is doing. We managed to raise $2500 for Love your Sister.

The same message came from Trey Ratcliff who was another keynote speaker but one I was lucky enough to spend a few hours chatting to on Friday night. It is hard to believe that he didn’t pick up a camera till he was 35 and that he is now living the dream, travelling the world and doing what he loves. I wish everyone could let go and do the same. I hit 40 before I ditched the fears and now live a fabulous life. Take a look at Trey’s amazing Burning Man’s photos.

Those who know me know I LOVE gadgets, the one with the most toys wins right? Seeing Trey has the only google glass in Australia I was pretty damn excited to have a go. That sure is some wild technology. A mini computer screen right above your eye. You simply ask it to take a photo or shoot a video and it does. You can view your emails or it can read them to you. You can ask questions and apparently it has 100% voice recognition. It puts poor old Siri to shame. I do have concerns about brain cancer with that attached to your head all the time as well as privacy concerns. Someone could be taking photos or video of you without your knowledge. I guess it will be like the request to turn off mobile phones. We will be hearing “google glass off please”. The future is here now and it is amazing.

Google Glass

Queensland Tourism put on an a amazing party for us at the Hilton. I got to tick one item off my bucket list, stomping grapes. Very cool experience. There were snakes, eagles, fire twirlers, stilt walkers, Austin Powers, Marilyn Monroe and even Spongebob made an appearance. Very fun night.

Queensland Tourism also hosted some pop up events and mine was a shopping tour of Surfers Paradise you can check out that post over on Piccadilly Market.

Stay tuned for more blogging related posts.

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  1. Lainie September 17, 2013 at 7:47 pm - Reply

    Sounds like a great weekend with some inspirational speakers!

  2. Lara Walsh September 18, 2013 at 10:08 am - Reply

    Sounds awesome Janina and thanks for the links, I’m going to check out a few of them now.

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