My name is Janina Lear, I am so glad you have stopped by. I am passionate about helping businesses understand how powerful online marketing through Facebook really is. I want to help you get new business leads and more online visibility by driving more traffic to your site and show you how to really connect with your fan base. The world of Social Media can be very overwhelming to the newcomer and my goal is to take that overwhelming feeling away and help you develop a strategy that suits you and your company’s needs.

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Janina Lear’s knowledge of social media streams and their purpose is impressive and vast. Her enthusiasm in the abilities social media has on business is infectious. Janina goes above and beyond to solve problems others would put in the ‘too hard basket’. After completing only a fraction of the tools Janina taught me to implement on Facebook, I witnessed a surge in likes and engagement. Thank you Janina for being so passionate and going to lengths to learn about a tool that can help so many business owners and above all thank you for them sharing that knowledge.

Yvette Timmins, Bloom College

I did a private session on Facebook with Janina for 2 hours, and the cost of those two hours are the best money I ever spent on advertising. I did not know much about Facebook beforehand and was a bit apprehensive about using Facebook. However after the session I had a clear understanding on what kinds of posts I should use, how to make great pictures and tabs and most of all what I needed to do to build my audience. I can whole heartedly recommend Janina for any new or establised business.

Stina Krone, Geelong HypnoBirthing®