5 tips on how to run a Facebook giveaway

As a Facebook Consultant in Geelong I get asked alot about competitions and giveaways to hold on social media. I know there are many reasons why a business would like to run a giveaway. It could be to get more likes on their page, to get more engagement which in turn means a higher reach or it could be to promote a new product. Whatever your reason may be, here are my top tips to running a competition.

1. Make the prize relevant

If you have a clothing label do not give away an ipad because it is what everyone wants and will get lots of entries. People may get attracted by the ipad and like your page and enter but as soon as they do not win they can just as easily unlike your page. You want to attract people that are you true fans and will stick around for the long haul and become part of your community. A clothing label would naturally give away a voucher or a clothing makeover. A tyre business would give away 4 new tyres. A restaurant would give away a meal. I know it seems obvious but I do see some giveaways that have zero relevance to the business.

2. Make the prize amazing and do not leave your winner needing to spend a cent more.

A restaurant would give away a dinner for 2 not for 1 and should also include some wine. Let the winner come to your establishment and experience the real deal. One of the biggest offenders of competitions are photographers. “Congratulations, you have a won a free sitting and one 7 x 5 picture of your choice” . That is NOT a giveaway, it is trying to get business out of someone. Let the winner be a real winner and get the sitting, plus the big framed collage and the disc. These people will be your BEST ambassadors. They are the ones that will turn to social media to sing from the rooftops about their experience. You do not want them saying they were out of pocket in any shape or form.  Have them walk out of your restaurant having sampled the best of your menu, tried your top wines and experienced your best service. They will be a customer for life. I know of a business that oftens gives tickets to their shows as prizes but when the winner goes to book, it can’t be on public holidays or school holidays or Saturday nights. What is the point? You are already turning them into a ‘non’ fan. Let them pick whatever they want. Same goes for the beauty giveaway, if the winner or recipient of a voucher does not want the massage but would rather the facial then let them have it.

3. Treat them like gold.

Do not have the attitude of ‘they are the free ones,so dont stress too much about whether its 100%’ similar to what I said above but make sure you also return phone calls, emails, messages etc as quickly if not faster than if they were a new paying customer. Do not waste the opportunity for them to have an awesome 10/10 experience. They are excited at being a winner and the second they are not treated like one you have lost them and they will tell everyone about it. Make them feel special and important not guilty for getting something for free from you.

4. Make sure you adhere to competition rules.

Every second giveaway on Facebook is in breach of the rules. I know Facebook does not police it very well but being a Facebook consultant I have seen people wake up to no page because it has been removed. It is virtually impossible to get in contact with a human at Facebook or any other free social media platform so be careful, it can take months so you need to start your page from scratch. It is just not worth the risk. Late last year Facebook made it much easier to run a competition by removing the requirement of using a 3rd party app. The main thing to remember is you CANNOT ask someone to SHARE your post as a condition of entry. You can ask them to like or comment only. Make the conditions and eligibility clear and let people know how they will be chosen.

5. Consider using 3rd party apps

I am still a huge advocate for 3rd party apps and will do a full post on the topic soon as it allows you to get more information on who enters and learn more about your demographic. You can get an email address for your mailing list or find out what suburb they are from or what age group. All very helpful in your future marketing.

The main thing to remember is to treat your competition winner as a paying customer, let them experience the best you have to offer and you will have a customer for life and referrals from them for years to come.

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