Want to know how to block annoying Facebook game invites?

Are you sick of getting invites all day to play Facebook games. I want to crush Candy Crush. I have tried blocking straight from the invite but they keep popping back. I made this little video to show you how to make them go away once and for all.

Feel free to share with your friends and let me know what other “how to” videos you would like to see.

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About the Author:

Janina Lear is a social media consultant who specialises in all things Facebook and Pinterest. Janina is the founder of Janina Lear - Be Socially Savvy in Geelong, VIC, Australia. Janina loves to help small businesses understand, navigate and love the wonderful world of social media. Janina also runs Piccadilly Market in Geelong and is co-producer of Pop Planner.

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