What is it really like working from home?

I never thought I would be one of those people who would and could work from home and love it. I thought I would be so easily distracted by everything around me. This is true to a certain extent but for the most part I am super focused and sitting at my desk. Mind you being a social media consultant and working on social media is like being a kid in a candy shop. You need laser focus to not get drawn away from what you are doing.

There is a pretty huge amount of overwhelm working from the home and throw in being a Mum of young kids and it ain’t easy, so you MUST write lists and have a daily action plan and limit email and facebook time. Those suckers will get you every time. I am using this fab new tool with google chrome called Momentum, it is simple but it sure is working and keeping me doing what I should do.

I have heard some people say write your TO DO LIST before you go to bed but I find this can stress me out too much and I spend the night tossing and turning stressing about what I have to do.

It is my chosen life and here are my good and not so good points about making home my office.

The Positives are:

  • I have zero travel time.

  • I can work in my PJ’s but I personally never do, I feel more in the mode if I am dressed in work attire.

  • I can choose to work in total silence which is what I prefer.

  • No annoying work mates driving me crazy with silly stories and office gossip (sooooo do not miss that)

  • No one to throw some extra work my way and get me off my perfectly planned schedule for the day.

  • I get to take a break and have lunch whenever I feel like.

  • If I happen to get through my list I can leave work early without asking anyone if it’s OK.

  • Never having to put in for leave and having it rejected….air punch.

  • If my kids are sick and I have no appointments they can stay home with me.

The Negatives are:

  • No one to set me deadlines and make me accountable.

  • No one to bounce difficult decisions off.

  • It can be extremely lonely at times.

  • When I have computer issues there is no IT department to turn to, I am it.

  • No public holiday or vacation pay.

  • The pressure of running it all on your own all the time, feels like I am wearing many many hats.

  • When on holiday, not being able to switch off.

  • Public holidays and school holidays suck as they eat into much needed work time and the lines between being a great Mum and hard worker get very blurred.

  • There is no definition between work and home, I work till very late every night, early in the morning, Friday nights and weekends. There is no OFF switch. My computer is always on as am I.

The things my friends think I do that I don’t do:

  • Have time for coffees and lunch every day. I Can’t I am working. It is actually pretty seldom that I eat away from my desk.

  • Do and hang out washing, I can’t I am working.

  • Prepare the evenings dinner, I can’t I am working.

  • Do housework, I can’t I am working.

  • Watch TV…who other than new mums breast feeding, students or pensioners watch daytime TV? I can’t I am working.

  • Have long chats on the phone all day with friends, I can’t I am working.

I designed this life and I love working from home and would not change the freedom it provides but it is not easy. I feel different pressures but pressures none the less the same way a Mum does working in an office.  I feel I would be more productive in an office but know I would also hate the restrictions.

You know the saying, the grass is always greener.

Would love to hear your thoughts.